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How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

January 3, 2020

You’re planning every little detail about your wedding day! Dresses! Shoes! Flowers! Music? Then you realize that you might need some type of music for your wedding day! You start Googling and realize that there are several options for wedding day music! You could hire a band! Or violin players! Or a wedding DJ! Once you’ve decided that a wedding DJ is perfect for your big day, your next question might be how much does a wedding DJ cost? I wish that I had a one size fits all answer for you, but I don’t! Here’s why! The cost of your wedding DJ is going to depend on several things! How many hours do you need the DJ to play at your wedding? Is there any type of travel required? Is your wedding split between several locations?

Every wedding DJ has their own way of doing things, so I’ll share more about the cost based on our DJ, Brian Jay!

Time Needed

How much time do you need the DJ to play? Do you just need music for your ceremony? Or would you like the DJ to play music throughout the entire evening? The amount of time that you need the DJ to play will be a factor in the how much your wedding DJ will cost.

Multiple Locations

I’ve learned from working so closely with Brian that DJ equipment is super heavy! It’s not always the easiest to move from one location to another and it can take quite a bit of time! It always amuses me how I can literally break down my photography equipment in less than 10 minutes while it takes Brian at least 25-30 minutes. For this reason, some DJs charge an additional fee for more than one set up and breakdown of musical equipment! Will you need music at a local park for the ceremony as well as a nearby ballroom for the reception? If so, be sure to ask your wedding DJ if there is a relocation fee!

Travel Required

Does your wedding DJ live a few hours from your venue? If so, be sure to ask if there are any travel fees required! You’ll probably find that most DJ’s will at least require a small fee for a hotel if it’s more than a couple hours drive from their hometown!

I hope that you’ve found this information helpful when thinking about how much a wedding DJ will cost!

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