“Our wedding day was bittersweet because we were finally able to put our vision into action, but we knew that our time with Tosha and Brian was going to come to an end..”


- Maury and Jazmin

Aren’t afraid to get down on the dance floor, Valentinos and all.

our dream clients

Can't wait to walk down the aisle. 

our dream clients


the number of weddings we shoot each year

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the amount our wedding packages start at for 2024


THe number of flights taken in the last year


of our couples do first looks. ask us why!


the cups of coffee we drink each week. 


When we plan to retire and go live in hawaii.


here's how this thing works

01. Let's Chat

We're so excited that you're interested in working with us! Let's plan to a time to chat over the phone. This is your chance to ask us any questions that you have as well as get to know us a little better!

02. Let’s Plan

Now that you're officially ready to become a Story & Rhythm couple, let's reserve your wedding date! We will send you everything that you need to secure your wedding date!

03. Let’s Shoot

Now that you're officially part of our family, it's time to start planning your engagement session. We will give you guidance on makeup, outfits and the best location for outdoor engagement portraits. 

04. Plan Ahead

Now it's time to start preparing for your wedding day! Let us help with creating your photography timeline, musical playlist and all of the other small details that only an experienced wedding DJ and photographer will know to look for!

05. Your Day

It's time to celebrate! Brian and I will be by your side the entire day! Making sure that everything goes smooth with your ceremony and reception. 

06. Final Details

After your wedding, Tosha will hand edit each one of the photographs from your wedding day! Once all of your photographs are ready, we will prepare your photographs for delivery!