January 7, 2020

Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Sheraton Four seasons greensboro wedding


When Brian and I think back to our wedding, there’s one thing that we wish we would have invested in! A videographer! When we were planning our wedding, we knew that we had to have a photographer and DJ. We also knew we wanted a beautiful cake and all of the other pretty details! But we didn’t put much thought into a videographer. I think we looked it into it briefly and decided that it just wasn’t in the budget! Looking back, I wish we would have put more thought into it! Here’s why!

Videos Show Movement

It’s pretty obvious that I love photography and believe that photos are so important on your wedding day! But I also know that still photographs don’t show movement! It is a different experience when you see your first dance in a photo compared to a video! Still photographs are amazing but I love that videography shows movement.

Hearing Your Day

A photo can capture all of the smiles of your guest, but it can’t capture the sound of that laughter! A photo can capture the moment your bridesmaids see you in your dress for the first but it can’t catch the excitement in their voices! Or what you said in your vows or the music that you danced to with your Father during the reception! Photos are a must in my book, but I also feel that it’s important to hire a videographer!

If there’s room in your wedding budget, I highly suggest hiring a videographer for your big day! Not only will you have timeless photographs to share with your grandchildren one day, but you’ll also have a video to share with them too!



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