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January 2, 2020

Growing up, I always dreamed of how I wanted the moment to be when I got engaged. I dreamed that we would be in some fancy restaurant with violins playing. Or on a mountain top. Or on a super busy New York street with traffic and people rushing by. Not sure why I thought that last one as we live nowhere near New York! It’s pretty clear that I wasn’t picky about how it would happen, just as long as it happened! I just knew that our proposal story would be epic and in a public place! I mean that’s how it usually is in the movies!

Then one day I met Brian. A few years after we met, he proposed in probably one of the most low key ways ever! We weren’t on a mountain top or a busy New York street. We also weren’t in a fancy restaurant. We were at home. I was actually asleep for part of it! Our proposal story doesn’t include any of those things, but it was still amazingly perfect!

A few months earlier, we were out doing some shopping. We wandered into Jared’s to look at engagement rings. I had no idea that he would actually buy me an engagement ring that day, but he did. But he didn’t give it to me. He took it home and put it in the closet and told me that one day, he’d propose. It was torture! Knowing that you’re “almost” engaged but not really engaged! It was like buying a pack of Snicker bars but saying I’ll eat these one day. Crazy! But it ended up being totally worth the wait.

A couple of months later, I awoke to find the ring on my finger! Little did I know that there was also a message waiting in the bathroom on the mirror asking if I’d marry him! Of course, I said “yes!” But where did he ever get the idea for our proposal? Tyler Perry’s movie! I forget the name, but it’s the one where the girl works in the diner and then meets the guy! That one! I used to watch that movie ALL THE TIME as I thought it was so sweet! I would tell Brian how I’d love to just wake up with a ring on my finger one day! I don’t think I ever told him the other scenarios of the busy NY street or fancy restaurant! But in the end, he seriously could have proposed anywhere and I would have been excited and said YES!

Now that you know our proposal story, I want to hear from you! How did you boo propose?

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