September 4, 2015

What to wear: Groom’s Edition

We often say that the groom has it easy on the day of the wedding! Most guys simply get dressed and they’re ready! As a bride, you have to have makeup done, hair done, get into a heavy dress and walk in shoes that may or may not hurt your feet. It’s completely worth it, but it can be a little daunting! But we often skip over the part where the groom actually has to choose what he is going to wear. This part isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help with choosing attire for the modern groom who wants sophistication while still being cool!

  1. I love how simple, yet classy this outfit is for a groom. A simple white button down dress shirt with any color slim dress pants (or chinos) with a nice shoe. The suspenders and bowtie is what really makes this outfit pop! You can choose to match your wedding colors or get creative.

Groom's outfits for wedding

2. This outfit shows that it’s not always about having the same color suit coat as pants. It’s totally fine to put a burgundy, blue, or really any other color with your dress pants. We love how clean and sleek this one is! Burgundy blazer with black pants for wedding

3. Can you tell that we really love suspenders and bowties? This outfit is very similar to no. 1, but this time we went with a neutral pair of suspenders and a green bowtie. Feel free to do any color bowtie though! We really like these loafers in the place of traditional dress shoes.

Suspenders with a green bowtie for wedding

Remember that it is all about being yourself and showing your personality! Have fun choosing attire for your groom!






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