March 11, 2019

Weekend Recap

This weekend recap is more of a Friday recap! Somewhere between the time change and getting locked out of the house (more about that in a few), I totally forgot to take more photos! However, I did manage to snap quite a few photos during our time at Marbles Kids Museum on Friday!

Addie’s 1st-grade class took their first trip to Marbles in downtown Raleigh on Friday! I am a huge fan of Marbles Museum and have a blast whenever we go! This was our first time seeing one of the Imax movies and it was so much fun watching the kids try to interact with the movie! Addie loved it! Kee not so much! But he did manage to watch it without the glasses. I think the glasses made everything a little too “real” for him! After watching the movie, the kids had lunch and then we split into groups and headed into the museum! The museum was super busy, but the kids still had fun! Brian and I did too!

Saturday has become a grocery store day! I’ve been making it my business to meal prep and plan for each week over the weekend! It makes it so much easier to cook throughout the week! After our store run, we headed back home! We drove into the garage, got out of the car and realized that we didn’t have a house key! Brian’s keys were in the house on the counter and my house key was off my key ring and lying on the staircase mantle! Being locked out of your home is a terrible feeling! What’s even worse is that we called at least 5 locksmiths before we were able to find someone who could come and unlock the door for us! The thought of breaking into our own home crossed my mind several times while we were trying to find someone! Thankfully, we found a very nice guy who drove all the way from Cary to us and opened the door!

Sunday was a bit of a blur! With the time change, I feel like I blinked and the day was gone! It felt just that fast!

I’d love to hear what you did over the weekend! Leave it below!


Wedding DJ in Raleigh NC

All photos taken on cellphone!



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