September 4, 2018

Weekend Recap

It’s very rare that we have a Saturday off between September and December! Whenever we do have a Saturday off, we try to spend it with the kids! This weekend was the perfect mix of family time and work time!


It’s only Monday but it feels like Friday was so long ago! We grabbed dinner at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Friday night! Brian and I are both addicted to the black bean burger. It’s so good! When we decided to stop eating meat a few months ago, we found ourselves substituting hamburgers with black bean burgers! And even now that we’ve decided to eat a little chicken and beef, we still find ourselves drawn to the bean burger at Bad Daddy’s. After noticing that the hot sign was on at Krispy Kreme, we stopped in for dessert before heading home!

Hot donuts in Raleigh


Typically we wait until Sunday evening to visit the grocery stores, but decided to go early on Saturday! We grabbed lunch before heading home for the evening! Brian and I had a final detail call with one of our 2018 couples. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with the kids before heading to bed!


Brian and I managed to catch up on some projects in the office! I also got to photograph one of our Story and Rhythm families before the downpour of rain started! Sunday was my Mom’s birthday and the kids asked to bake cupcakes to celebrate her birthday in heaven! The girls fuss and fight more than anyone I know, but they are so sweet together too!


This weekend was a little longer due to Labor Day! Brian and I spent part of the day in the studio working and the rest of the day hanging with the kids! I recently started watching The 100 on Netflix and I am hooked! I watched the whole 1st season in like 2 days! It’s so good!

Photography and DJ studio



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