January 14, 2019

Weekend Recap #1

Happy Monday guys!! We hope that you had a great weekend! I believe that you should find ways to grow and evolve from year to year! One of the things on the top of my list for this weekend was to find a way to be more organized around the house! Between a busy work schedule and kids, life has a way of feeling chaotic at times! I feel like I have so many calendars, but they help me to stay on top of what needs to be done! I have the Simplified Planner that helps me to plan my days and months! I have a dry erase calendar in our office that I use to jot down our work schedule for the month and other monthly notes! I decided that I’d add this calendar by Day Designer in the hallway for the kids! I really need a place that I can write down activities that involve the kids as well as a chore list! Let’s be real! The kids need a way of knowing what chores need to be done each day without me having to remind them!

After all of that was done, I thought that it would be fun to try cycling for the first time! I’ve been wanting to take a class at Cycle Bar for the past 3 years! One of our clients, Sheena, has been sharing her love for cycling with me for a while now! But the time was never right for me to take a class! So this week, I asked my best friend if she wanted to try it with me and we went to our first class on Saturday! We had so much fun! Other than first not knowing how to connect ourselves to the pedals and then how to disconnect ourselves from the pedals, we had a blast! Sheena made the class so much fun and we can’t wait until our next visit to the CycleBar!

After cycling class, we headed to First Watch for breakfast! We wanted something that wouldn’t undo all of the hard work that we had just done at cycling! This was my first time eating at First Watch and now I’m hooked! The Kale Tonic was AMAZING for a green juice! I really loved the waffle and pesto chicken quinoa bowl! There was no way that I was going to eat all of this food and so I packed some for a few meals throughout the rest of the weekend!

Brian and I mostly relaxed on Sunday! We headed out to Trader Joe’s for salad dressing and grabbed burgers at Bad Daddy’s! I’d say that we had the perfect relaxing but fun weekend! Have a great week guys!




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