January 11, 2019

Start of a New Journey


My weight has been up and down ever since Addie was born! It’s been more up than down over the years! A few years ago, I switched my diet and started eating healthier! I dropped weight pretty fast and easy! Brian and I joined a gym and started working out! I felt great and could tell that I had lost quite a bit of weight! But somewhere along the way, we found ourselves leaving the gym and stopping by Chick-fila! It was crazy! Fast forward a few years later, I had another baby and realized that I was now heavier (and more out of shape) than I’d ever been!

It didn’t hit me until I saw this photo last October! Well, it actually hit me a few days before while I was shopping for this blouse in Loft! There are two stores that I love to shop in for work clothes! Loft and Banana Republic! I started to notice that my clothes from earlier in the year were no longer fitting and so I headed into Loft! I found this black and white top that I thought was cute and went to try it on! Usually, I’m a Large, but that day, I needed an XL! This was my first time needing to buy an XL! I also needed a larger pant size too! Then I wore that top to Marie and Tommy’s wedding! When I saw this photo from my assistant, it was like a rude awakening! I realized that I had somehow managed to gain almost 20 lbs in just a few months! Well, I knew how, but I just hadn’t paid close enough attention! It was the Chick-fila cookies, turtle cheesecakes, plates of pasta, and the late night eating! I had also stopped nursing over the summer and realize that that opened the door to weight gain as I didn’t change the way I was eating!

That was when I decided that I had to make some changes! Now don’t get me wrong! I believe that we’re beautiful at all shapes and sizes, but I know when I look and feel my best! And what I’ve realized is that I want to be healthy, even if I’m not skinny! I want to know that I’m eating healthier foods! I want to be able to walk up and down stairs without getting so out of breath! I have no idea what that number looks like on the scale, but I’ll know what it feels like when I get there!

Here’s to getting healthier and feeling better in 2019! Follow along with my journey on my personal Instagram @_iamtosha! Now, who’s with me?


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