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Warehouse District | Engagement Photography

February 15, 2021

Meet Courtney and G! It’s pretty crazy to think that these two didn’t like each other when they first met! Now Courtney and G can’t wait to walk down the aisle and say “we do” to forever!

It’s always cool when we learn that we have connections to our couples. Brian and Courtney grew up together and attended the same school. And a few years ago, we photographed Courtney’s best friends engagement photos in Atlanta, Georgia! It is such a small world!  This time, we got to hang out with G and Courtney in the Warehouse District of Raleigh, NC. I love that they chose these fun shirts for their first outfit! You can tell that Courtney and G have a lot of fun together! They seriously couldn’t look at each other without bursting out laughing! So cute!

After spending some time in downtown, we headed over to Mordecai House for outfit #2. These guys are so cute together! We can’t wait to celebrate with them on their special day!

How did you guys meet?

The first time was at a pool party where G was playing “wingman”. I was appalled that they thought that was needed I didn’t like him and he was trying to be nice but ended up just being annoyed. Fast forward a couple of months I’m at a birthday party that he gets invited to. He was in rare form and he couldn’t remember me from the time before. His friend had to remind him and so did I. A few weeks later his friend gave me his number and said I should call him. A week later I did and the rest is history (7 years and counting).

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