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Gotcha Day

February 28, 2021

It’s officially “Gotcha Day” for our new fur baby! We’re so excited to finally meet him for the very first time! This entire process has been so different from when we adopted our fur babies, Pixie and Paxton years ago! Back then, both puppies were born and we drove down to meet them before officially saying yes! This time, things have been totally different!

Brian brought up the idea of adding a new fur baby last August or September! My first thought was “NO WAY!” There’s noway we’re adding a new dog to our already busy lives! He couldn’t be serious, right? It’s only been a few years since we rehomed our fur baby, Paxton. That experience was traumatic. Why do that just to turn around and get a new dog? It took me awhile to come to an answer that made that make sense. And what I realized is that we rehomed our sweet Paxton when Kee was a baby! Our kids were different ages and required a different level of attention. Having 2 small dogs who were also closer to puppies was hard! I knew that no matter how much we loved Paxton, he’d be happier in a home where he could get all of the time and attention that he needed! We were so grateful that he found that home with one of our past couples and their family!

So after looking at several breeds of dogs (and chatting with friends who have similar breeds), I figured it might not be such a bad idea! Brian had found an amazing breeder. But we had no idea that waitlists were so long! Some people are on waitlist for an entire year before they get their new furry friend! We decided on a litter based on their parents and added our name! Then the wait began!

About 2 months later, we received a text that the Mother dog was pregnant! Just before Christmas, we received an ultrasound video that totally made our entire week! And on January 12th, we received a text with videos of the fur pups for the first time! She had 7 little babies! OMG! I wasn’t completely sold on this whole waitlist thing, but I have to say it was so worth the wait!

Now we just have to go pick up our fur baby! We’ve seen lots of videos and photos over the last few weeks and can’t wait to officially meet him! We’ll be sharing some of that journey on our Instagram today! Here’s one of the photos that we received from Misty at Darlin’ Doggies!

Goldendoodle from Darlin' Doggies in Charlotte, NC


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