March 25, 2019

Us Movie Weekend Recap

Ever since I saw the trailer for “Us”, I knew that I wanted to see it! It’s kind of funny because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Get Out” in the beginning and was in no rush to see it! Even when the world took to Facebook and said how great it was, it was like “okay, I’ll check it out one day!” And even when I finally watched it via Amazon Prime, I wasn’t a fan! It wasn’t until I rewatched it that I finally understood it! I think part of that could have been because Brian and I fell asleep during it the first time around!

We decided to check out the Alamo Drafthouse in Raleigh! This was our first time visiting this new theatre and I¬†wanted to see what all the talk was about! I’ve heard mixed reviews since watching “Us”, but we personally thought it was AMAZING! Definitely different and a little weird and slow at times. It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought that it would be and the storyline wasn’t anywhere near what I had imagined! But I really liked it! Especially the twist in the end! Genius!

The rest of our Saturday was spent at the park with the kids! Addie begged to go to the park for a week straight and we finally made it on Saturday! They all had fun playing and watching the ducks! I enjoyed the fresh air! I really appreciate the mild weather!

Sunday was probably our first time ever just relaxing at home all day! We did manage to go to the store for groceries, but we relaxed at home all day and then watched The Walking Dead!

We hope that you guys had an amazing weekend! Tell us about it in the comments below!



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