December 29, 2018

Professional DJ vs a Family Friend

Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and checked out the shoe department? There are so many brands of shoes to choose from. Some are higher end than others. All of the shoes pretty much do the same thing! But if you look closely, you will find that there are some differences between the Tory Burch and Cole Haan flats! The same thing applies when you compare a pair of Hunter Boots to a pair of cheaper rain boots! Both will probably keep your socks from getting wet, but there are some differences. This also applies when you think about hiring a professional DJ vs a family friend DJ!

Since Brian is a professional wedding DJ, we will always suggest that you hire a professional wedding DJ for your special day! Hiring a professional DJ who has experience with weddings is important for several reasons! Here are two reasons why we believe that you should hire a professional wedding DJ!


It’s very important that you hire an experienced wedding DJ for your special day! This ensures that you will have a DJ who is experienced with handling all types of scenarios! We all hope that nothing goes wrong at a wedding, but when it does, you’ll be happy that you have an experienced wedding DJ! It also helps to have a wedding DJ who has experience with weddings! Just because a DJ has done a few events doesn’t mean that he knows how to handle the various parts of a wedding!


A professional wedding DJ will have all of the high-quality equipment needed for a wedding! Some of the most popular equipment needed for a wedding includes high powered speakers, turntables, several laptops, microphones, hard drives, etc! A great wedding DJ will have backup┬álaptops and iPods, just in case, there’s an emergency during the day!

Hiring a professional wedding DJ vs a family friend



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