December 28, 2018

Addie Turns Seven!

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It’s hard to believe that our baby girl turns 7 years old today! It feels like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital and driving home! I remember that ride home so vividly as it was the first time I was almost afraid to be home with a new baby. That sounds crazy being that she was my second child, but I was seriously nervous!

I’ve always said that Addie is my stubborn baby! My oldest was born exactly on her due date! I went into labor on May 12th and she was born on her due date, the 13th! I had a super easy labor and everything was good! Addie was due on December 21st, but didn’t arrive until the doctors gave her a nudge on December 28th! An entire week that felt like torture at the time! I was so ready for her to arrive. I think the holidays made it even worse as everyone kept insisting that I’d have a Christmas baby! Nope! My labor with her was a little worse, but still not terrible! Our first night in the hospital with Addie was the worse! She cried the entire night! We barely slept! It was crazy! Even after going home, I noticed that she had this persistent nature! If it was something that she wanted, she would cry until she got it! Even as a newborn! That hasn’t changed in the past 7 years! She still has what I like to call a very “stubborn” and persistent nature! Thankfully she doesn’t cry and keep us up at night, but she is our most persistent child! Which I pray comes in handy when it’s time for school work and other activities! Persistence isn’t a bad trait to have!

In addition to her persistent nature, she is one of the most caring kids I know! She will go out of her way to give you a hug or a compliment to make you feel better! She loves making sure that others are happy and okay! It always melts my heart when she does something nice for someone else!

We’re so blessed to have our little Addie! Happy Birthday sweet pea! We love you more than words!

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