June 27, 2018

Myths about Wedding DJs

A lot of people think that being a wedding DJ is super easy! Whenever Brian shares that he is a DJ with strangers, they often say “wow, that’s a fun job” or “wow, you get to listen to music all the time, how cool!” Brian does get to listen to a ton of music and being a DJ is fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work! Today we’re debunking a few myths about wedding DJs!

It’s Easy

While playing music with state of the art sound equipment isn’t technically hard, it’s not always an easy job either! Being a wedding DJ means that Brian gets to be a part of one of the most important days in one’s life! There is a ton of stress that comes along with making sure that you have all of the correct songs for each special event! Imagine waiting your entire life to walk down the aisle to Whitney Houston and then hearing Jay-Z begin to play as you enter the room with your Dad!┬áThere is no room for error!

DJs have every song ever made

People often think that DJs have every song that was ever made. It may be true with some DJs, but I can say that Brian doesn’t have every song ever made! He has the ability to get just about any song that you may want, but he doesn’t have every song ever invented inside of his current music library!

No Request Allowed

Sometimes people think that they aren’t allowed to request songs from a wedding DJ! That’s definitely not true for us. Brian is happy to play request for wedding guest as long as the couple is okay with request!

Are there any myths that you’ve heard about wedding DJs? Leave them below for us! We would love to hear them!

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