July 2, 2018

Featured on Bustld

It’s been 5 years since our first wedding feature in a national publication! I was so afraid to submit my work to any publications! I thought that my work wasn’t good enough. Being afraid of rejection and hearing the word “no” is scary! ¬†You know that feeling that overcomes you when you’re afraid of something and feel like there’s no way that things could work out for you! Well that was how I felt so many years ago! But then we photographed Megan and Dino’s wedding at the Billingsley House in Maryland! Their wedding was gorgeous and we had so much fun traveling and working with them! I remember thinking that just maybe I’d try submitting my first wedding to a wedding publication! Then the doubt set in and I almost didn’t! But my super amazing husband encouraged me to just give it a try! He said what’s the worse that can happen? So I did! And crazy enough, we received an email from The Knot and Weddingwire saying that they’d love to feature Megan and Dino’s wedding on their blogs!

Getting featured for the first time taught me that I needed to get out of my own way! A lot of times we’re so afraid of hearing no that we get in the way of hearing yes! We’ve been featured countless times since then, but it’s always exciting to receive an email that one of our couples or shoots have been featured! Last Friday, we got an email from Bustld saying that a gorgeous violet inspired styled that I photographed at the Cannon Room in Raleigh had been featured! The excitement of seeing our work on a wedding publication never gets old! Take a look at this spring styled shoot over on Bustld!

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