November 5, 2019

Maternity Portraits | Tiffany

Life has a way of happening right before our eyes! A little over a year ago, we were at Market Hall in downtown Raleigh for Chris and Tiffany’s wedding day! I remember during one of the speeches, someone mentioned how they couldn’t wait for Tiffany and Chris to have a baby! Fast forward to November of 2019 and everyone is counting down the days until Tiffany and Chris get to meet their newest family member!

Tiffany is such an amazing makeup artist, mom, and woman! I’ve loved getting to know her over the past few years! I especially loved celebrating and crying (Chris Dad’s speech at the wedding got me) at their wedding last fall! This time, I got to photograph Tiffany and her adorable baby bump! I wish that I could have looked half as good as she does at almost 9 months pregnant! She looks amazing and you can tell that she truly has that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about!

The countdown is officially on and I can’t wait to hear news of Chris and Tiffany’s baby girls arrival!



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