November 4, 2019

The 5 Minute Bridal Portrait

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our 5 minute approach to bridal portraits! A lot has also changed since back then! Over the years, we realize that most of our brides are busy with work and life! There’s not always enough time to plan for a separate bridal session before the wedding!

Planning for a bridal session requires getting your makeup and hair done, finding a location, and making sure that your alterations are done. Then you may have to get your dress cleaned before the wedding if it gets dirty! Quite a bit of planning goes into it! Now don’t get me wrong, I think bridal sessions are so much fun and you really get to see how your dress “wears” before your big day! It can also be a great time to have your makeup and hair trial to see if you’ll like the look on your wedding day! Plus, if you’d like to display a canvas of you at the reception, you’ll definitely need a bridal portrait session! But if you’re okay without all of that or just don’t have the time to plan for it, keep reading to learn about our 5 minute bridal portrait!

Bridal sessions are so much fun!

From my experience, there’s usually about 5 to 10 minutes between the bride getting into her dress and needing to be downstairs or outside for the ceremony! Sometimes we get a lot more time, but not every time! When all you have is 5 minutes, you find a way to make it work! I just need a space that is well lit (natural, window light is best) and not cluttered with bags and belongings!

Right after Celeste got into her dress, I realized that the bridal suite at Vidrio could be the perfect space for a few bridal portraits! I loved all of the blue and neutral tones! There was a window to one side of the room which was perfect for all of the getting ready photos and her bridal portraits!


Cotton Room wedding photos

I had about 5 minutes with Tracey inside of the bridal suite at the Cotton Room. There’s a big window in the bridal suite that’s perfect for photos! I also managed to find a few more minutes with Tracey during the bride and groom photo time after the ceremony!

Belt Line Station photos




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