February 7, 2019

Keegan Turns Two!!


Our little guy is officially 2 today! Some days I wish time would slow down just a bit! It’s crazy to think that it’s been two years since we drove to the hospital to be induced! Two years since we were guessing if we were having a boy or girl because we waited until birth to find out! The last two years have been amazing and we’re so thankful that God blessed us with this sweet boy!

Keegan has the funniest personality! I’ve never met a 1-year-old who tries to tell jokes, but that’s the type of stuff that he does! He is a true cuddle bear and loves to cuddle with you! I can’t seem to figure out what his favorite foods are, but he likes apples, nanas, and chicken! He loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse. And watching Word Party! Keegan likes to read books and play with his big sisters! He likes to build things with his blocks! He recently started throwing temper tantrums when he can’t get his way! I pray this phase passes quickly! He still doesn’t have much hair, but we know it’s coming!

Sometimes we stare at him and can’t help but imagine what he will be like as he grows up! But for now, we try to soak in all of the baby hugs and kisses that he gives us! He’s starting to be a little stingy with his kisses!

Keegan is such a joy to our family and today we’re screaming Happy Birthday to our big boy!




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