August 15, 2019

Hyco Lake Engagement | Kelly and Patrick

I was excited when Kelly and Patrick said that they wanted to take their engagement photos on Hyco Lake! I spent most of my summer mornings sitting with my Mother and Grandmother fishing on the lake as a kid! There is something so calm and peaceful about the water and after visiting Hyco Lake for the first time, we can totally see why these guys love it!

After deciding on Hyco Lake for their engagement photos, they have one other request! They wanted to include their family in their session! I’m a huge advocate for documenting life and photographing your loved ones! I think that is so amazing! I know it’s been on my list of things to do myself, so I think it’s great that these guys took time to make it happen!

Are we getting married because you didn’t ask me?

Brian and I can’t wait to celebrate with Kelly, Patrick, and their family in November! Read on to learn how Patrick proposed to Kelly during a family vacation in Florida!

Tell us about your proposal!

At the conclusion of a family vacation in Florida, Patrick joined me on the screened porch presented a ring, said he thought I was cool and wanted to spend his days with me, and I screamed. After a few seconds of realizing what was happening, I asked, “are we getting married because you didn’t ask me?” He replied by returning to his knee and saying “because you were too busy screaming.”



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