August 22, 2019

Engagement in Downtown Raleigh | Celeste and Kenny

We can’t believe that we are less than two weeks away from Celeste and Kenny’s big day! When I first met with Kenny and Celeste, they told me how they were unsure if they wanted engagement photos! We’re so happy that they took the time to make it happen! Their engagement photo session in downtown Raleigh was so much!

Celeste and Kenny wore the cutest Durham Bulls jerseys for the first part of their session at Pullen Park! Next, we drove into downtown Raleigh and hung out at the new restaurant and bar on Boylan Bridge, Wye Hill! We ended up spending some time chatting about everything from how they met, reconnected and life in general!

Just before dark, we headed outside to Boylan Bridge for the last few photos of their session! A few minutes later, we were greeted by a wedding party on the Great Raleigh Trolley! The soon to be bride and groom on the trolley along with all of their guest hopped off,  greeted Celeste and Kenny and shared a glass of champagne! It was a pleasant surprise and pretty neat too! Definitely a first for us!

Brian and I had so much fun with these guys and can’t wait to celebrate with them next month! Read on to hear how they met!

How did you meet?

I was living in the DC area while in graduate school, and Kenny came up for a conference with Teach for America. Some friends (who are now also husband and wife!) and I went out for dinner, and they happened to be mutual friends with Kenny, as well. He tagged along with us when we went from the dinner spot to another bar for more drinks. We all chatted all night, but I wouldn’t say Kenny and I hit it off, per se. But, he boldly asked for my phone number at the end of the night anyway. A couple of text conversations later, I really had not given him much of a fair shot and we lost touch — except for that same mutual friend, always nudging me to give Kenny a chance over the next few years. Thanks to social media, we stayed sort of connected, until one day I reached out to him congratulating him on a recent business achievement, and he again made it known how interested he was and that I should give him a chance. A couple of months later, we had our first official date, when he flew down to visit me in medical school. Needless to say, he swept me off my feet, and we’ve been together ever since.



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