February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It is officially one of the sweetest days of the year! I know it’s one of my favorite holidays! But it hasn’t always been one of my favorites! I remember being the girl who never had a boyfriend on V-Day! I never received a carnation during high school! I always dreamed that one day I’d have a boyfriend who would buy me flowers and bears on Valentine’s Day!

It’s funny how things change over time! It’s been years since those days of high school and the carnations. I now have an amazing husband. But I still don’t get flowers or bears on V-Day! Not because he won’t buy them for me, but because I don’t want them anymore! As a kid, my idea of the perfect Valentine’s day included those things but not anymore! I’m perfectly happy cooking dinner at home together! Or grabbing food or dessert at one of our favorite places! Or lounging on the sofa and watching some Amazon Prime or Netflix! It’s more about the time together than the things for me!

I believe that love should be shown everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day!

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