August 7, 2018

Dear Keegan

Dear Keegan,

It’s been 18 months since we saw your face for the very first time! 18 months since I heard the doctors say “it’s a BIG boy!” 18 months since you met your big sisters! And 18 months since you took your first breath! These past months have been so amazing! Before you came along, our life was incomplete but we didn’t know it! There was a place in our hearts that needed to be filled and you’ve more than filled it! Watching you everyday brings so much joy to Daddy and I! You probably don’t notice, but I am forever smiling and laughing at the little things that you do! Like when you say “yes” to everything that we ask you. Or when you grab my face and pull me in for one of your infamous toddler kisses. Or when you try to dance like your sisters. When you fall asleep in my arms, my heart melts just a little. Sometimes I’ll sniff your hair and kiss you on the very top of your head! When you cry, I just want to make whatever is wrong, better for you! We all love you so much and love watching you grow into a little man! I know that you won’t always be so small, but I love soaking in all of the baby snuggles and hugs while I can!¬†Daddy can’t wait to introduce you to his Redskins and take you to your very first football game!

We are so thankful that God sent you to us! The past 18 months have been filled with so much joy and love! I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I’m not ready for your first day of school or your first date with a girl! Or the day you start driving or go off to college! I’m in tears just thinking about all of those things! But for now, we will continue to enjoy these baby and toddler days while we can! We love you little guy!


With love,

Mommy and Daddy



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