July 22, 2019

Daily Dog Tag Feature

It’s been over a year since Casey and BJ’s gorgeous mountain wedding, but we’re flashing back to their Raleigh engagement session with The Daily Dog Tag! We’re so excited to see these guys (and Chipper) featured on the Daily Dog Tag! If you know me, you know that I have a fear of large dogs! I used to be afraid of all dogs, but then we adopted a pup of our own and my fear went from all dogs to just large dogs! It’s not really all large dogs, just the ones who growl and look vicious! Chipper is a large German Shepherd, but you can tell that he is beyond sweet and gentle! I actually left our session together and told Brian how I would love to adopt a german shepherd one day! That’s just how cute and sweet Chipper is!

Head over to the Daily Dog Tag to see the full article!

Raleigh engagement photo session with dog



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