November 28, 2018

Why Photography Is So Important

I have loved photography ever since I was a kid! From the moment that my Dad handed me my first camera, I fell in love with the idea of almost freezing time! Over the years, I was always that friend who had a camera! I would take photos everywhere. In college, I would even take photos in the dining hall! At one point, my friends and I even used those photos to create scrapbooks in our dorm room!

While sitting at my Aunt’s funeral a couple of weeks ago, I watched as a slideshow of photos played on the projector screen! There were photos of her as a young adult, way before I ever knew her! Photos of her and her girls and her grandkids! Even photos of her and her husband sitting inside of a diner years ago! But the photos that caught my attention the most, were the photos from her wedding day! It’s been years and years since my Aunt married my Uncle, but those photos told a story that I would have never known without them! There were photos of my Grandmother smiling as she helped my Aunt get into her wedding dress. Photos of my Aunt and Uncle standing in what looked like an alter! So many memories and moments that most of us at the funeral would have never seen if it wasn’t for those wedding photos from years ago! Those photos are priceless! They remind me of why I fell in love with photography and why I believe that every couple should prioritize photography! Not because of today, but because one day there will be photos just like my Aunt’s that can be shared with your kids and grandkids! Photos that will tell the story of not only your wedding day but your life!

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