May 23, 2017

What’s in Tosha’s Photography Bag

My camera equipment bag is a never ending “project”. I am always looking for new gadgets to try or looking to upgrade some of my equipment! A lot of people have asked what I carry with me on a wedding day, so today I’m sharing what’s in my camera bag.

At least 2 camera bodies. I prefer Canon but Nikon works just the same!

The Equipment

35mm lens – I use this lens a lot. A whole lot. It’s my absolutely favorite for capturing everything!

85mm lens – This is my second favorite lens to use on a wedding day!

50mm lens – I don’t use this lens as much as I should, but it’s always in my bag.

70-200mm lens – This is the perfect lens for capturing the ceremony from the back of the church or room. I also use this one for portraits sometimes.

100mm macro lens – This is my favorite lens for capturing the details and rings.

Flash triggers – Triggers allow me to connect all of the different external flash and strobes that we use during a wedding day.

External flash – We use several of these to light the room during the reception as well as throughout the day.

Batteries – I go through a ton of batteries during each wedding.

Memory cards – This is where we keep all of the photos until we’re able to back them up on our computer and hard drive.

Business cards – Just in case someone ask and to swap with new vendors.

Gary Fong dome – I met a photographer in Charleston, South Carolina years ago who told me about this piece of equipment. It has been magical ever since.

Light stands – We typically place light stands throughout the reception space. This is where our external flash go!

Umbrella – Always in my bag even if I don’t use it.

Video light – I rarely use it but I plan to play with it a lot more this year.

Strobe light setup – I really like using my Paul Buff lighting setup.

Notepad – To take notes or write down important information that I need to remember throughout the day.

Family Shot List – We work with all of our couples to prepare a family list before the wedding day.

Holdfast Money Maker – I fell in love with the idea of wearing my cameras instead of holding them the entire day.

Think tank rolling suitcase – This rolling suitcase is amazing! It holds almost everything that I need throughout the day.

Kelly Moore bag – I will wear this bag when I can’t roll my suitcase everywhere.




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