September 11, 2019

Weekend Recap in Charlotte

I am really enjoying these low key weekends that consist of hanging with the family one day and working the other! I’ve always believed that family is very important and I love spending time with mine! I was recently reading about the 8-year-old who died in his sleep and found it unbelievably sad! His parents are urging other parents to work less and spend more time with family! Stop putting off things as life is short! This has always been a motto for me! So anytime that we have to hang out with the kids, I’m down!

Our Saturday was spent eating Chinese food at Red Bowl and visiting one of my favorite new places to visit on a Saturday! It’s not literally my favorite place to visit, but we’ve been there almost every Saturday that we’ve had off lately! Hopefully, I will be able to share more about that place in the coming months!

On Sunday, Brian and I packed up the kids and drove to Charlotte for an engagement session! We were so excited to meet this couple after having followed them on social media for the past few months! Being that we were meeting at a new location, we went for a short walk around the area to check it all out! Kee enjoyed seeing the ducks and “pool” as he called it! The girls were just happy to be out of the car after the drive! After our session, we decided to grab ice cream at Ninety’s since it was in the same shopping plaza! The kids definitely enjoyed that! Even though it was short, our time in Charlotte was fun! And our weekend was great!



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