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Weekend in Miami

February 13, 2018

My Bucket List

1.  Fly on an airplane

2. Spend a day at the spa

3. Visit a new city

4. Play on a playground

5. Try a new restaurant

6. Travel outside of the United States

7. Volunteer for a good cause

8. Have a yard sale

9. Eat ice cream for breakfast

10. Watch a scary movie

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am still a little amped about our weekend in Miami! Brian and I took a very last minute trip to Miami! Last minute as in we booked our flight 3 days before departure! I like spontaneity! I also needed a break! A break from kids, chores, errands, and work! I wanted a day to just relax and eat without any interruptions. Neither one of us had ever been to Miami and it’s always been on our list of places to visit!

You might remember my bucket list from a few days ago (it’s also above for you)! I had never been on an airplane! Brian flew years ago before we met, but I was a flight virgin! I was so afraid of flying. I remember one time I was debating booking us a flight somewhere and that night I had nightmares about being on an airplane! It was ridiculous! But this past weekend I managed to overcome my fears and I hopped on an airplane! I did pray before take off and I had to close my eyes when we left Raleigh Durham International, but it was really cool! It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought that it would be! Thankfully our Pilot warned us that there may be a little turbulence along the way, so I was mentally prepared for that! I actually had fun and can’t wait to plan our next plane ride somewhere!

About Miami! I love the beach! I love the sand and the water. I’m not a swimmer, but I love the beach! Miami was really fun. Brian and I just relaxed at the hotel and walked along the beach! We visited some restaurants like CJ’s Crab Shack and The Big Pink! We strolled through Wynnwood Walls and checked out some stores and artwork! We can’t wait to plan another trip to Miami in the future! Next time we may even take the kids! I noticed that the Loews Hotel that we stayed in had a really cool looking Kids Club!

Check out a few cellphone photos from our trip to Miami!


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