August 24, 2019

Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

I fell in love with Charleston, South Carolina last summer during a girls trip! Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to take Brian and the kids! I’m not sure exactly what it is about Charleston that I love! I think it’s a mix of the southern charm, colorful historic homes and the fact that it feels like you’re in a beach town without being directly on the beach! It’s a very pretty city and I was so excited for our weekend in Charleston, South Carolina!

We packed up the kids and drove down to Charleston, SC for the weekend! The forecast called for thunderstorms and rain all day, but I was determined to not let it ruin our trip! Kee has been begging us to take him to see fish for a while, so we figured the South Carolina Aquarium would be the perfect place! This was our first visiting the SC Aquarium! Nothing compares to the Georgia Aquarium to me, but the SC Aquarium was pretty neat! Kee got to see lots of fish and even got to touch a few sharks! Brian and the girls got to pet an African Boa and I got to watch it all happen! I’m not quite on the level of being brave enough to touch a snake yet!

After adventuring through the aquarium, we headed over to Fleet Landing for lunch. This was another one of the places that I discovered during our girls trip last summer! The seafood is delicious, especially the crab cake! Kee is a very picky eater, but even he enjoyed the fries, shrimp and crab cake! After lunch, we grabbed ice cream at Jeni’s and headed to our hotel in Mt. Pleasant. The rain was pretty consistent most of the day, so we figured it was a good time to relax in the room for a bit! A few hours and a nap later, it was nighttime and we decided to grab a pizza and call it a night!

The next morning, we packed our bags and checked out of the hotel! We decided to grab brunch at Another Broken Egg in Mt. Pleasant and then drove over to City Market! We couldn’t leave Charleston without having a photo shoot at Rainbow Row! I have been dying to check out this area of town. The colorful houses are so pretty and there were some amazing alleyways and streets. From there, we had plans to visit the Angel Oak tree, but soon realized that there was a long line of parked cars and tons of people there! Kee and the girls were asleep and I think we were all a little tired! Our hopes of visiting the tree and Folly Beach would have to wait until our next trip! We had a wonderful time in Charleston and can’t wait until our next visit! I think next time it may be just Brian and I plus a couple of bikes to stroll through downtown!

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