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What is the Wedding DJs Role

March 11, 2020

I used to think that wedding DJs had the easiest job ever! They get to use cool turntables and play the latest music! They get to party with the bride, groom and guest and have lots of fun! It doesn’t get any easier than that! I had no idea that so much goes into being a wedding DJ! I don’t even think that Brian truly knew what being a wedding DJ entailed before we started on this journey! We’ve put together a few things to give you a little insight into what a DJ does at a wedding.

Emcee and Announcements

In addition to playing the latest music, Brian is also an Emcee who makes announcements throughout the evening! Have you ever wondered who will announce that it’s time for your cake cutting? Or who will announce that it’s finally time for table 13 to head to the buffet? Brian can do all of that for you! He ensures that things stay on track according to the timeline that you guys create before your wedding day!

Pays Attention to the Crowd

Part of Brian’s job is to pay attention to the crowd throughout the evening! He takes a lot of his cues as to what to play next from our friends and family! If everyone enjoying a certain song or genre, he see that! He also notices if everyone slows down their dancing when a certain song comes on! That’s part of a wedding DJ’s job! A great wedding DJ will make sure that you and your guest are having fun!

There are so many other things that wedding DJs may do throughout the day like mic your officiant, coordinate with the planner on the timeline of events, move sound equipment around, setup lighting and so much more!

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