March 1, 2018

The Story Behind Our Name

When Brian and I started thinking about starting our business, we had no idea what we should name it! We knew that we wanted to be a wedding DJ and photographer team, but choosing a name was so hard! I think it was a lot harder for me than it was for Brian! After a few days of going back and forth, Brian threw out the name Story and Rhythm! I don’t know if I liked it at first, but after saying it a few times, it finally started to click!

The Story

As a wedding photographer, I love helping our couples tell and share their stories! We believe that everyone has a story! I also believe that using photographs is the perfect way to document and share your story! Life is short and precious! I know that I love looking back at photos from when Brian and I first met! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but it’s been almost 10 years since we first started dating! Those early photos are priceless to me!

The Rhythm

It’s only right that Brian would be the rhythm part of the team! Not only is he a wedding DJ, but he’s also the better dancer between the two of us! I am totally okay with admitting that! We both love music, but I believe that Brian is a bigger music head than I am! I didn’t think that it was possible for someone to love music more than I do! He also loves to create an environment where people feel good and want to party! It’s really cool watching him at work!

Now you know more about how we came up with the name Story and Rhythm and why it has stuck with us! If you’re searching for a photographer and DJ team, shoot us an email at today!

And just because every blog deserves a photo, here’s a throwback photo to Jasmin and Tony’s Raleigh engagement photo session!



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