January 7, 2019

Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding? | Raleigh NC Photographers

If you’re anything like us, you probably keep your cell phone close by most of the time! I know Brian and I hardly go anywhere without our cell phones these days! Everyone is snapping photos for Instagram and Facebook! It’s seriously all the rave! Today, I want to share a few reasons why I believe that you should have an unplugged wedding ceremony!

Imagine that it’s your wedding day and you have just exchanged the sweetest vows with your new husband or wife! The officiant announces that “you may kiss for the first time as newlyweds!” Just as you go in for a very sweet kiss, all of your guests take out their cellphones and block the path of your photographer! The photographer misses your kiss and you miss having that photo of your first kiss as newlyweds forever! Ouch! Thankfully that didn’t actually happen to these guys as there were other angles and photos that captured their first kiss, but this is one reason why I believe in unplugged wedding ceremonies!

I know that everyone wants that photo of the first kiss to share on social media immediately following the ceremony, but having an unplugged ceremony can be very beneficial! When you look out into the crowd during your vows, you’ll be greeted by a sea of smiling faces vs a sea of cellphones! You don’t have to worry about there being a ton of cell phones or tablets in every photo during the ceremony! Or that someone might hold up a tablet and block your hired photographer from capturing that special moment like your kiss! You’ll also feel better knowing that your guests are completely present in the moment!

Did you have an unplugged ceremony? If so, I’d love to hear why you chose to go unplugged!! Leave it below!


Reasons to have an unplugged wedding ceremony



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