September 26, 2016

Rand-Bryan House Wedding Photos | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

This past July, I had the pleasure of assisting at this gorgeous summer¬†Rand-Bryan House¬†wedding in Garner, North Carolina! The ceremony and reception took place outside of the house and even the 100 degree weather didn’t keep these guys from enjoying their special day! After getting dressed, the bride and groom headed outdoors for their first look before the ceremony! I love it when couples choose to do a first look prior to the ceremony as it allows us to capture the couple together before the official walk down the aisle. I am obsessed with these guys and their Rand-Bryan House wedding photos!

After exchanging their vows in a beautiful garden ceremony beside the house, everyone headed over to the reception space for dinner and dancing! This was my first time witnessing a ribbon pull during the reception. We absolutely love interracial weddings and being a part of new wedding traditions. Instead of tossing the bouquet, the bride asked all of the single ladies to participate in a ribbon pull. Also known as a cake pull. There were tiny charms attached to a few of the ribbons inside of the cake and each lady took turns pulling to see who would end up with a charm. The lady who ended up pulling the ribbon with a ring on it is said to be the next to be married! It was a really neat tradition to witness! The couple ended the night with a fun sparkler exit surrounded by all of their friends and family!

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