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Raleigh Engagement Photography | Grace & John

June 20, 2019

Before, I share the photos from Grace and John’s fun and beautiful engagement session in downtown! I have a rather embarrassing story of when I first met Grace and John! Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m a bit clumsy at times! Brian and I had been planning for over a month to meet Grace and John! We got to the restaurant a little early, talked to the hostess and found a great table! It was a Friday night and you know how restaurants can be super busy on Fridays! We grabbed a couple of glasses of water and sat down! Here’s where it gets a little embarrassing! Grace and John walk in with Grace’s parents! Brian and I were sitting in like a half booth, half chair table! Brian slid out of the booth just fine! As I’m sliding out of the booth, I must of slid over one too many times and pretty much ended up almost on the ground! Thankfully, Grace saved me from actually hitting the floor! After the initial embarrassment wore off, we had the best time ever chatting and enjoying appetizers!

Grace and John are such an amazing couple! The Haymaker is one of their favorite places to visit when in downtown Raleigh! Sadly, it was scheduled to be closed on the day that we met! But the guys at The Haymaker were so awesome and offered to open their doors for us to come in for photographs! It was perfect! These guys totally killed their photos there! We spent the rest of the evening adventuring through downtown to some of our favorite spots! Brian also got a lesson in confetti throwing!

We had a great time hanging out with these guys and can’t wait to celebrate with them next spring! Read on to learn how John and Grace met and how he popped the question!

How did you meet?

We met in high school! We went to senior prom together

Tell us about your proposal!

As I said we love to travel, every year for Christmas we take a trip together and wherever we go we like to see Christmas lights. This past December we went to Myrtle Beach and John surprised me and told me he found a Christmas lights festival. We went to the festival and he went up to a seemingly random couple and asked them to take a picture for us. He then proposed to me in front of the lights. At the time I didn’t know, but the “random couple” he asked was really our photographer! So we were blessed to have beautiful pictures of our special moment. Afterward, we went to a phenomenal dinner, wrapping it all up with a cigar and a massive slice of cheesecake. It was perfect.

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