January 28, 2020

Our Love and Basketball

Our love and basketball story started way before Brian and I ever met! We both grew up playing basketball in our backyards! Brian played at school and at the Boys club. He went on to play in college. I wanted to try out for the girls basketball team, but ended up just playing with the guys during P.E. class! ¬†We both spent countless hours playing basketball video games! We didn’t know each other, but we both grew up loving basketball!

The only NBA team that I ever truly watched was the Lakers! That was the team I always played with on the video games and who I’d watch on T.V with my Dad! I remember 3 names from during that time! Derek Fisher, Shaq (of course) and Kobe Bryant! Those were the guys that I looked up to when it came to basketball! Especially Kobe! Brian would probably tell you the same thing!

When Brian saw the news about Kobe passing on Sunday, it was heartbreaking for us! He was someone who we both grew up watching and admiring! On and off the court! Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and all of the other families who were affected by this tragedy! I can’t imagine how they feel at this moment!


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