December 1, 2017

Our First Trip | Minted Series No. 4

Wow, it’s been a long time since we shared one of our Minted Series post with you! It’s funny when I think back to when Brian and I first met! From our first date at Jersey Mike’s to our first trip together! We weren’t even dating at the time but I decided to ask him if he’d like to join me and my friends on a trip to Kingsdominion. I was seriously amazed that he said yes!

After introducing him to my nephew and friends, we packed into my best friends truck and drove to Virginia! This was the first time that Brian and I had really spent a lot of time together! We spent our first day in Virginia beside our hotel pool and eating out! Brian introduced me to the Birthday Cake Remix ice cream at Coldstones! Up until this point, I had only tried Cookies and cream at Coldstones! The second day we headed to Kingsdominion where we rode almost every roller coaster together! I’ve always loved rollercoasters and I loved that Brian wasn’t afraid to ride them with me!

We had a blast!

The last day of our trip was more relaxed! Our hotel was down the street from Short Pump Mall and so we decided to do a little shopping and more eating out before we headed home! This was also our most awkward part of the trip! It was the first time that we attempted to hold hands while walking through a mall! I thought it was so sweet but we were both so awkward! That was probably our first and last time holding hands in public except on our wedding day!!

I can’t believe that our first trip together was over 9 years ago! Shout out to Rob plus Kristen for the photograph!




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