May 27, 2016

Minted Series

We are seriously so excited about our new blog series. One day I was browsing online and I came across a post from Amy & Jordan and I instantly fell in love. They have this little thing that they do called The Pink Files and they write about different memories that they have shared over their time of being together. I thought it was super cute and I can’t wait to start our own memories series! We will be sharing memories that a lot of people have never heard, some that you probably have and some that may make you think we’re completely crazy! But that’s okay. We will call this series “Minted” and make sure that you check back next week for the first post from the past!

And just because every post is better with a photo. Here’s Addie lounging on the sofa yesterday.

at home with story and rhythm_0101

Have a fabulous day!




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