March 6, 2018

Meeting on Facebook | Minted Series

If you would have asked me years ago where I thought that I’d meet my husband, I wouldn’t have said Facebook. I probably would have said in church or at the food court in the mall. Maybe a library or grocery store. Or even the bank or a bar. But I never imagined Facebook. Of course this was years ago and it’s probably all more common nowadays. Brian and I meeting on Facebook has been one of the best things ever!
 I really wish that I could remember what Brian wrote to me in his first Facebook message. I’m guessing it was something sweet or silly or just plain simple like “what’s up!” Whatever it was, he got my attention. And from that day on, we’ve talked everyday. Our first conversations included everything from what we liked to do to growing old and placing our dentures beside the bed at night. Yes, we really talked about dentures!
It’s been almost 10 years since Brian and I met and I have loved every bit of the last 10 years! Now I want to hear from you! How did you meet your other half? Leave all of the details below!



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