November 23, 2018

Maryland Art District Engagement | Jazmin & Maury

Who knew that the curtain aisle of Bed, Bath and Beyond could be a very special place? It’s exactly that for Jazmin and Mo as it’s where they had their first kiss! From the moment that Brian and I met these two at Lake Artemesia, we knew that we were going to have fun! They were the perfect breath of fresh air after such a sad morning! Here’s a little backstory! Up until the week before their session, we had plans to meet in VA! Jazmin and Mo live in Maryland and since we’re in NC, we thought VA would be the perfect middle ground for everyone! That was until we got news that my Aunt had passed and the funeral was scheduled for the same day as our engagement session! Not only were we devastated about losing my¬†Aunt, but we were also worried that things wouldn’t work out for us to meet with Jazmin and Mo! Thankfully, the times worked out for us to attend the funeral and spend time with family in the morning and meet with Jazmin and Mo in the evening!

As you can imagine, after a morning of tears and sadness, it was great meeting these guys with their fun and warm personalities! We visited Lake Artemesia for the first part of their session before heading into the Art District! These two are so cute together! Read on to learn about their proposal!

Tell us about your proposal!

Mo and I earlier in the day went to an outdoor festival in southwest DC and met up with my brother and his girlfriend. This was a typical outing for us, so I didn’t suspect a thing. Later that day after hanging in the city we caught the train back home to watch the Redskins/Raiders game. The Redskins won!! Wooo, go skins! Anywho, so we’re hanging around the apartment, as usual, watching the game, playing with the dog and Mo starts acting weird. He’s walking around in circles, turning the lights on and off and I’m wondering what’s the deal, but I never say anything. Maybe he was in deep thought, or maybe he’s being silly. LOL So, as the game progresses to halftime, he grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom. I’m like, what is he doing but I never ask. He closes the door and the next thing I see is my love on his knee asking me to marry him. I’m shocked at this point so I ask him is this “the ring”!?!! and he’s like yeah. I asked him this multiple times while I’m crying, shaking and trying to find something to hold on to so that I wouldn’t stumble. Mind you I’m crying for about 10-15 mins and he’s worried, probably wondering why I haven’t said yes yet. I couldn’t calm down. I’ve received multiple promise rings from him, which I cherish dearly, but I didn’t think he would be proposing that night. After I calm down I finally say yes and of course I cry more and he just held me. It was a perfect day. Not only did we get engaged, but the Redskins also won the game, and it was our dog’s 2nd birthday. We will never forget that day.

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