May 19, 2020

Home School Spring Pictures

I’ve always admired the parents who homeschool their children! Homeschooling looks amazing! It’s always been one of those things that I sort of wished that I could do! But to be honest, home schooling has always intimidated me! Our kids are all basically 5 years apart! That means 3 different age groups and 3 different lesson plans! It definitely wasn’t something that I was interested in! But when Covid-19 became a thing and schools shut down, I found myself along with the rest of the world, having to figure out homeschooling and virtual learning!

I’m shocked that I’m about to say this, but it hasn’t been that bad! The first few weeks were a struggle! Prior to the shut down, we had a very consistent schedule! Wake up, breakfast with the girls, drop them off at school, back home, breakfast with Kee, exercise, work, lunch, etc! Having the girls home all day meant that we had to create a new schedule and that was hard at first! A few weeks later and it’s gotten much easier! The girls have their daily Zoom meetings with their teachers, times to exercise and be active, classwork times! It’s actually pretty cool!

I figured since we’re doing this whole quarantine style home schooling, might as well take spring pictures! Addie recently lost 3 of her teeth and having these photos of her smile will be priceless years from now when she’s a teenager! It’s crazy to think that Niya will be starting high school in the fall! Another 4 years and she’ll be an adult! A couple years from now, our little baby, Kee, will be starting kindergarten too! Time, please slow down!




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