December 12, 2019

Holiday Family Photos | The Williams

The first time we met Kalithia and Dwight was at our old studio in downtown Raleigh! They were engaged and planning their wedding for the following year! Looking back, I never could have imagined how much of an adventure we’d share with these guys over the years! Their two part engagement session consisted of the city and country (think farm, tractor and cow pasture type of country)! We celebrated their wedding day with them at their home shortly after that! Ever since then, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing their family every year! And every year, Dwight and Kalithia make me laugh the entire time! I’m surprised that I’m able to get anything in focus when I’m with these guys!

This year, Kalithia and Dwight (I think it was really Dwight) chose to wear matching white, green and red Elf shirts! They look so cute as a family! I’m always amazed at how much Little M and DJ grow from year to year!

Check out a few highlights from their holiday photos in downtown Raleigh today!




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