June 2, 2018

Happy National Donut Day

Apparently National Donut day has been a thing since 1938! I’m not sure why I’m just learning about this national “holiday!” I am more than happy to take any excuse that I can find to over indulge in a few donuts! If you’ve been following Brian and I for awhile, you probably know that we love donuts! Whenever we’re traveling to a new city or town, we always look for a new donut shop to visit! Here are a few of our favorite donut shops that we’ve tried so far!

When close to home, we love visiting Rise Biscuits and Donuts! Especially the location near Southpoint Mall in Durham or Cameron Village in Raleigh! I am definitely a plain jane when it comes to donuts, but Brian has tried a lot of the different flavors at Rise!

We make it our business to visit Britts Donuts at Carolina Beach at least once a year! Their donuts are always warm and fresh! They are so good! But I do suggest that you eat them while they are hot!

During some of our trips to Atlanta, we visited Sublime Doughnuts! I am in love with their cinnamon roll donut. It takes me back to when I was a kid and we would get donuts from Winn Dixie! I’ve always loved cinnamon roll donuts, but can never find any good ones locally!

We’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite donut shop? Maybe Brian and I can check it out during one of our future adventures!

Happy Donut day!


National donut day June 1st



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