May 11, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day

I lost my Mom on May 5th, 2008! 6 days before Mother’s day that year! For years, I struggled to celebrate Mother’s day! God blessed me with 3 beautiful children who call me “Mom” everyday, but I find myself missing my Mother! Wishing that I could hear her voice! Or that she could teach me how to bake that german chocolate cake that she loved! Or that she could meet my husband! And meet her youngest 2 grandchildren! So many things that I wish we could have shared over the years!

But I know that she wouldn’t want me being sad on Mother’s day! I may not have learned how to make that german chocolate cake, but I learned a lot from my Mom. She taught me what being a strong woman looks like! What it means to work hard and to strive toward your goals in life! She taught me that it’s the simple things in life that matter! And that you do what you can for others even when you may not have a lot yourself! She was selfless, courageous, everything that I strive to be!

Happy Mother’s day everyone! And a huge thank you to my hubby, Brian, for taking these photos of me and my babies!



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