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Another Chapter

February 5, 2021

36th birthday photos with confetti

For the last few years, I’ve made a bucket list on my birthday! I did the same on my birthday in 2020, but little did I know, the world would change so drastically right after my birthday. Here’s my bucket list from last year!


  1. Take a vacation
  2. Read a new book
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Throw a party
  5. Exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week

2020 was a year unlike anything that we’d ever seen before. So many lives have been lost to Covid-19. So many have lost jobs! Kids are taking virtual classes all over the country. Quarantine and social distancing are words we use regularly! My bucket list was the last thing on my mind when Covid-19 hit, but I will share a couple of things I did on my list!

Take a Vacation

Before Covid-19 took over the world, Brian and I had plans to visit Aruba again! We started planning our trip almost the moment we returned in 2019. That’s just how much we loved the island! But when Covid stopped travel, we decided to postpone our trip! Instead, we drove down to the Clearwater beach with the kids and spent the week cooking meals in a hotel room and hanging out at the beach! It was the perfect socially distanced vacation and the change of scenery that we needed!


Family vacation in Clearwater Beach FL

Exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week

Thankfully, we purchased our Peloton about a month before Covid-19 shut down gyms. I have spent the last year creating healthier habits! Exercising has become a regular part of my day! Not only has exercise been great for my body, it’s been great for my sanity! I can’t tell you how many days I’ve cried on the bike!


Moms who ride Peloton

I’m so grateful to see another birthday! I think I’ll skip the bucket list this year! Maybe I’ll bring it back next year! Cheers to another chapter in life!

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