September 7, 2018

Happy 19 Months Kee Baby

Where does the time go? Seriously! I can’t believe that we’re wishing our little guy happy 19 months already! After I posted on Instagram this morning, I found myself scrolling through Kee’s hashtag and reminiscing about the past few months! It feels like just yesterday that Brian and I were deciding on baby names and waiting for our rainbow baby to arrive! He’s our rainbow baby because right before we found out we were pregnant again, we suffered a traumatic lost! Losing a baby was devastating! Now that I look back on it, I’m thankful for how it all happened! My doctor told us that most women probably wouldn’t have even known that they were pregnant when we discovered the miscarriage, but we knew! And we were excited! And then we were sad! But we knew that God had a plan for us and our family!

After going through all of that, Brian and I decided early on that we didn’t want to know our babies gender! We had experienced finding out at the ultrasound in the past and wanted to do something different! Plus I knew that this would be our last baby! For the next 9 plus months, we waited! We waited until the day that he was born to learn that he was a “boy!” I was so sure that we were having another girl, but all of my symptoms were totally different from my girls! I was sick and throwing up all day! It was so bad that I had to take prescription pills just to function! I was so exhausted! Some days I would sleep all day! I had crazy breakouts! It was just crazy!

While were waiting for our little surprise baby to arrive, Brian and I chose two names! Our name for a girl was Kinsleigh Rose and we were so torn on what to name our baby if it was a boy! We thought about Bryson and a few other names! Then one day, we came across the name Keegan! And I thought it was perfect and fit in with our “K” baby name! Grey just kind of fell out of the sky as his middle! It’s the perfect name for this little guy! And we’re so excited to celebrate another month and day with him! Happy 19 months Keegan Grey!


Family photos in Raleigh NC_1540 Family photos in Raleigh NC_1540



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