August 18, 2017

My Favorite Work Tools

Working from home is such a blessing! Being able to wake up and spend the entire day with my kids has been amazing! But somewhere between breakfast and cartoons, I have to find time to actually get work done! That is where these tools come in! I love that these tools make life as a work at home Momma much easier!


I really have to thank Natalie Franke for this one! Before Planoly came into my life, I was using Later. I really liked Later, but I have to admit that I love Planoly! I really like that the layout grid is large enough for me to really see how my feed will look. You can schedule post as well as stories. This has been a lifesaver when it comes to sharing our work and photos on Instagram!


You’ve heard me talk about this one before but I can’t stop singing Dubsado praises!! I am in love with this software! It allows me to write and schedule emails. Plus keep all of client information in one place! Plus lots of other stuff! It’s seriously AMAZING!

The Purposeful Planner

I feel like this has been the year that I’ve switched a lot of the stuff that I use! From Later to Planoly. From Tave to Dubsado! I even switched my planner. I’ve been a Simplified Planner girl for the past 2 years but this year I wanted something different. And the main thing that sold me on the Purposeful Planners was that there’s a budget page and little to dos each day! I also really like the black and white stripes pattern! It’s my fave!


I’ve been using this for awhile now and I really dig it! It’s definitely a great place to make to do list!


I actually just started using Evernote and so far I really like it! On those days when I can’t get on the computer, I will sit with the kids and make notes inside of the phone app for later. I’ve even written an email in the app and just copied and pasted it once I was able to get on the computer!



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