February 9, 2018

My Favorite T.V Shows | Durham Wedding Photographer

I have to admit! I watch a lot more than television than Brian does! Usually the only time that Brian is glued to the T.V. is when football is on. Especially when the Redskins are playing! I am the one who falls in and out of love with several television shows at once! It’s seriously crazy! I especially love binge watching shows when there are at least 5 new episodes or a full season on Hulu! When I started thinking about my favorite T.V. shows, it was hard to narrow down my list. There are so many shows that I enjoy watching. Here are my top 5 show at the moment!

Grey’s Anatomy

I was really late with this one! I think there were at least 7 or more seasons on Netflix before I started watching it. And I am a huge fan! I don’t know what I was doing before Grey’s Anatomy!

This Is Us

This show is so sweet and sad all at once. I don’t think there has been an episode that I did not cry on!

Big Little Lies

I came across this show and didn’t think that I would like it. But after Season 1, I’m hooked!

How to Get Away with Murder

I am a huge fan of this show! I love all of the twist and suspense that comes along with this one!


I really didn’t think that I was going to like this one! Brian suggested that we check it out and after the first episode, we were pretty much hooked! This is probably one of the only shows that Brian will consistently watch with me! Other than our new show, The Chi!



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