November 20, 2019

Fall Family Photographs | Fletcher Park

What a difference a year makes? Last fall, Sheena and Eric were just starting to share the news that they were adding a “mini cooper” to the family! Fast forward to now and the newest member of their family has arrived! Not only has he arrived, but he’s a super adorable little boy who has the cutest little smile! And he loves when his big sister talks to him! It’s amazing how much can change in just a year!

I recently got to hang out with The Coopers at Fred Fletcher Park near downtown Raleigh! I love that these guys prioritize fall family photographs every year! I absolutely love it and believe that it’s so important to document your family every chance you can!

I’m also obsessed with these outfit colors! And do you see Baby B’s little suspenders! Too cute! Little Miss T has grown so much since I first met these guys and I adore her personality! I can tell that these two are going to have an amazing sister and brother relationship as they grow up!

Check out a few highlights from my time with The Coopers this fall!



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