May 30, 2018

Duke Chapel Bridal Portraits | Durham Wedding Photographer

I have to start by saying that I am and will always be a Tarheel fan! However, I loved photographing LaVerne at Duke University! LaVerne’s Duke Chapel bridal portraits were so much fun to photograph! This was my first time visiting Duke Chapel, but I’ve always heard so much about it! As a Durham wedding photographer, Duke Chapel has been on my list of places that I couldn’t wait to photograph for years!

Now that LaVerne is officially married, I can share a few of her beautiful bridal portraits taken at Duke Chapel! Thankfully, the weather was amazing on the day of our session! Duke Chapel wasn’t terribly crowded with seniors and the sunset was in the perfect location behind the chapel! I am in love with all of LaVerne’s Durham bridal portraits, but here are a few of my favorite!

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