January 22, 2019

Do I Really Need Bridal Portraits?

With all of the planning that goes into your wedding, you may be wondering “do I really need bridal portraits?” We get that question quite often! My answer is maybe! Everyone is different and I honestly can’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t take bridal portraits! But here are a few reasons why I believe that bridal portraits are important!


Bridal portraits in Durham, NC

Moms Love Them

It’s no secret that Moms love bridal portraits! Almost every bridal session that I’ve ever done, the brides Mother has been there! Helping with the dress and smiling as her daughter poses for the camera! It’s so sweet! I remember one of our bride’s mother ordered a huge canvas of her daughter for her home! I can imagine that she smiles every time that she walks by that photo of her daughter in her wedding gown!

Wedding photographers in Raleigh NC

Test Run in Your Dress

This is one of my favorite reasons why you should take bridal portraits! Your bridal session is basically a test run in your dress before your big day! You’ll get dressed just like it’s your wedding day! This allows you to see how much time it takes to really get into your dress! It also allows you to see if any other alterations need to be done before the big day! Plus, you get to see how it feels to actually wear and move around in your dress!

Bridal portraits before wedding


One on One Time with Me

Who doesn’t want more one on one time with their photographer? Don’t answer that! Planning for bridal portraits allows you to spend some one on one time with your photographer! I believe that the best photos are created when you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera! One of the best ways to make that happen is to spend more time in front of your wedding photographers camera prior to the wedding!

Now I want to hear from you! Did you take bridal portraits before your wedding? Or are you planning on taking bridal portraits? Leave it below!





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